Marketing, Product Development, Management & Client Service

Crowther Investment has a broad and deep knowledge of the global quantitative investment industry. The firm can assist in the business development, marketing and client support of complex equity, fixed income, and derivative products, strategy, research and technology. 

We have marketing, product management, industry knowledge, and contacts from the buy, sell, vendor and academic sides of the investment business.

The firm can assist with the following marketing and client services:

  • Marketing, sales and business development of global quantitative equity & fixed income product, research, strategy, and analytics 
  • Investment, research, thought leadership, asset allocation, and technology product development & product management
  • Global and non-US product, market, position: research, analysis, macro economic, strategy
  • Structured equity products; long/short, 130/30 extension, tax efficient structured equity, enhanced index, low/minimum volatility strategies
  • Expedite the flow of research and investment technology from the lab to market
  • Financial engineering; product development, management & marketing 
  • Internet marketing, website design, content development, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Google AdWords campaigns 
  • Support internet channels, investment applications and ASPs
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) investment, Unified Managed Households (UMH), portfolio manufacturing, robo advisory, technology platforms, distribution platforms 
  • Menu of customizable quantitative investment solutions and products
  • Client service for institutional accounts with structured products, ETFs, hedge funds 
  • Customize investment technology solutions for large institutional clients  
  • Quantitative hedge fund strategies
  • Pre & post sale investment technology support 
  • Technical support for institutional client interfaces
  • Soft dollar management & conversion
  • Manage consultant relationships
  • Competitive and technical presentations to clients, prospects, and consultants
  • Negotiate, structure, and close deals; pricing, legal, and contractual  
  • Education & training for sales, marketing and client service groups on complex investment products & technologies
  • Documentation: marketing, sales literature, RFPs; contract drafts, white papers, and technical reference

Well connected to the investment research community, many contacts - able to sell ideas, technology and investment products.

  • Director, CFA Society Boston: Quant, Investment Technology, Strat/Econ
  • Manager of Boston QWAFAFEW
  • Past President, Director of Society of Quantitative Analysts
  • Contributing member of Boston Market Technicians Assn for over 10 years
  • Active member of Boston Economic Club
  • Taught investments and investment data at Brandeis and Babson (currently equity research, PM, quant, risk) 
  • Member 70+ Meetups: Quant, Big Data, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, FinTech, etc, etc

Northfield Incorporates Alexandria News Sentiment into All Investment Risk Models 

Recent Quantitative, Investment Process, Technology & Education Work

- Boston QWAFAFEW 250 programs since 1997 - monthly for 20 years!

- Boston Security Analysts Society - CFA Continuing Education

Society of Quantitative Analysts (NYC)  (1989-97) c 50 programs



- Babson College

- Brandeis University | International Business School

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  Equity Research

  Portfolio Construction

  Equity Trading


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