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Systems are the infrastructure that holds the investment process together. Algorithms, software & hardware are the machinery in this manufacturing process; data are the raw materials. The technology ensures the investment process is transparent, measurable, improvable, repeatable, streamlined, and scalable.

Created, modeled, bought, sold, negotiated contracts, managed, distributed, educated & trained, built investment models & systems, and managed assets with investment, risk, research, big, unstructured, news & market data; extensive investment, security master, corporate actions, fundamental, macro, market, risk, research, multi frequency, news sentiment/analytics, big data experience.

Crowther Investment has analysis and project management experience with data and software in most phases of the equity, fixed income, and derivative investment process, and systems development life cycle. Efforts we can lead and facilitate include:
  • Since 2012, selling and representing Alexandria Technology / Dow Jones news sentiment, supervised machine learning; advising clients on implementing into the investment process
  • Full SDLC methodology: requirements, design, development, testing, UAT, training, documentation, roll out, marketing
  • Project planning, initiation and management consulting
  • Business analysis and requirements gathering & definition, Investment Subject Matter Expertise (SME)
  • Software, market, research & reference data selection
  • Project management, product management, systems integration
  • Statistical & decision support software implementation
  • Relational vs time series database usage
  • High frequency and varying periodicity data
  • Translate news into analytics, ranks, scores, and signal for quantitative models (news analytics/news sentiment)
  • Intelligent text & news; searching, reading, parsing, elementizing, coding, sentiment, relevance,  logical, and inference processes, Alternative Data, Data Science, Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, Unstructured (Big) Data, FinTech
  • Real-time, low latency data, complex event processing (CEP), ticker plants
  • Data architecture coherent with investment process 
  • Inventory and objective evaluation of data, systems & software
  • Implementation of global fundamental financial, pricing, estimate, economic, proprietary and other commercial databases
  • Equity Research Management Systems (RMS) deployment, integration
  • Market data management and integration
  • Vendor evaluation, comparison, selection, management & negotiation; procurement, legal, contracts, SLAs, (SunGard/Fiserv, Thomson Reuters/Maket QA/TQA/QA Studio, Compustat, Capital IQ, ClariFI, FactSet Consulting), FinTech, Markit
  • Internet marketing & website; content development, search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords campaigns
  • Systems, product & tool development 
  • Financial engineering
  • Robo, Separately Managed Accounts (SMA), Unified Managed Accounts (UMA) Unified Managed Households (UMH), portfolio manufacturing technology platforms
  • Liaise between senior management, investment, technology professionals and operations
  • Customized investment solutions
  • Software implementation
  • QA / testing
  • Documentation
  • Education & Training 
Northfield Information Services Launches Risk Systems That Read®

- Brandeis University | International Business School

Investment Research, Data, Tools & Products Experience

Advent, Agile, Alexandria, Alternative Data, Alternatives, Astro Economics, Barclays Point (Lehman), Barra, Big Data, BlackRock (Aladdin), Blockchain, Bloomberg, Bridge, C/C++, Citigroup (Salomon Bros) Yield Book, ClariFI ModelStation (Capital IQ), Complex Event Processing, Columbia/Bank of America, Compliance, Corporate New Issues, Counterparty, CRSP, Customer & Involved Party, DAIS, Data Resources/Wharton Econometrics), Data Science, Datastream, Disclosure, Dow Jones, DTCC, Eagle PACE, EJV, Enterprise Data Management / EDM, Equity Research, ETL, Excel, Extel, FactSet, FAME (SunGard Data Solutions), Features & Services, FIBV, Fidelity Investments / FMR, Financial Asset & Event, Financial Times Actuaries, FinTech, First Call, FIX, FT Interactive Data (IDC), FTSE, Frontier Markets, Gerson Lehrman Group, CFA GIPS, GLOBAL INSIGHT (DRI-WEFA, Goldman Sachs, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Hadoop, Hedge Funds HOLT CSFB, I/B/E/S (IBES), IDD/Tradeline, IFC, ISID+, ITG, JPMorgan, Legal/Para-legal, Lipper, M&A, machine learning, Macro-economic, market data, Market QA / TQA / QA Direct / QA Studio / Thomson Reuters Quantitative Analytics, Markit, MATLAB, Merrill Lynch, MetaStock, Micrognosis-MIPS, Micropal, Morningstar, MSCI, Muller, news sentiment, Northfield, Oracle, PACE, Point in Time, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Manufacturing, predictive analytics/modeling, PRISM, Putnam, R, reference data, Reuters, Reuters Marketfeed 2000, Reuters Triarch-SSL, Robo-Advisory, Russell, S&P Compustat, Xpressfeed(Capital IQ), S&P Credit Ratings, S&P Global Vantage, S&P Indices, S&P Research Insight(Capital IQ), S&P/MSCI GICS, Salomon Bros. Yield Book, Salomon Brothers Stockfacts, SAS, SDLC, Security Master (Products / Security Reference / Financial Instrument), SMA, SQL, social media analytics/sentiment, Standard & Poor's Compustat(Capital IQ), State Street, Tax Efficient Structured Equity, Telekurs, Thomson Reuters News Analytics (TRNA) / Machine Readable News, Thought Leadership, Tradeline International, Trading, UMA, Unstructured (Big) Data, Value Line, Vestek, Vickers, Vision (FactSet), Wall Street Office, Worldscope, WorldVest, Zacks

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